Non-Hunting License

Proclaim your support for wildlife protection. Make a statement with our NON-hunting license.

Every year, hunters purchase licenses that Non hunting licenseallow them to kill New Jersey wildlife – deer, raccoons, cottontail rabbits, squirrels, mourning doves, bears and many more.

Statistics show that hunters number 0.4% of New Jersey residents.

To give voice to the 99.6% who do not hunt, APLNJ created our own license — one that will proclaim the owners commitment to the protection of wildlife, your pledge to live in harmony with wildlife and your support of peaceful means of coexistence. The official New Jersey Non-Hunting License!


This 2-sided license (pictured left) is laminated and comes with a lanyard to wear, or otherwise display. Also included is a NON-Hunting License window decal and bumper sticker (pictured above and below) to proudly display on your vehicle.

As a license holder you will receive timely information on how you help get stronger laws to protect wildlife.

Contact us today to receive your free NON-hunting license packet!