We envision a world where animals no longer suffer at the hands of humans but instead are free to live their own lives.


Our mission is to create a compassionate society. Working with the public, policy makers and government officials we advocate for lifestyle changes, programs, policies and laws that promote nonviolent coexistence with animals.


Compassion: APLNJ acknowledges that everyone is on their own journey toward a better world. In a nonjudgmental and nurturing manner we encourage others to empathize with animals and include them in their circle of compassion.

Integrity: APLNJ has an unwavering commitment to our mission, never sacrificing one animal to protect another or accepting short term, meaningless gains at the animals’ expense. We work for all animals and take on campaigns that have the most impact.

Collaboration: APLNJ is a team player, keen on coalition building. It swells our ranks and allows us to draw upon the experiences of others. It is integral in maximizing our effectiveness in bringing about positive social change for animals.

Trustworthiness: APLNJ’s lifeblood is our wonderful volunteers and donors. We greatly appreciate their time, expertise, financial support and the trust they place in us. APLNJ values that trust and strives to continually earn it by conducting ourselves in a professional and ethical manner working with transparency and honesty.