NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife

The New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife (DFW) and the New Jersey Fish and Game Council (Council) have complete authority over all wildlife in New Jersey. Their management practices result in the killing of over a million animals annually in our state.

DFW is a state agency under the Department of Environmental Protection and is regulated under Title 13 and 23 in New Jersey Laws and Statutes.

Myth: According to the Division of Fish and Wildlife’s website, its mission is to “…protect and manage the State’s fish and wildlife to maximize their long-term biological, recreational and economic values for all New Jerseyans.” Its goals include fostering a positive human/wildlife co-existence, maintaining fish and wildlife at stable, healthy levels and protecting and enhancing the many habitats fish and wildlife depend on.

Fact: This state agency operates for the sole benefit of its constituents (hunters, fishers, and trappers), who represent less than 1% of the state’s population. DFW conserves animals for hunters and trappers to kill, it manages habitats by burning and cutting to increase hunt-able animals, and it maligns animals and promote negative attitudes toward animals to garner support for lethal management objectives.

To pay the salaries of its current employees, DFW is funded in part from the sale of hunting and fishing licenses, related stamps and permits, and federal matching funds. Do you know of any other state agency in New Jersey that was created for less than 1% of our citizens?

This arrangement has caused a conflict of interest because the state agency that could be protecting wildlife instead relies on revenue generated from their slaughter to insure its very existence. Mandated to provide “recreational” services to fewer than 1/2 of 1% of New Jersey’s population, the DFW acts more like a private hunting club than a state agency.

Join us for 1) better representation for all New Jersey citizens who have a vested interest in wildlife issues, 2) modernization of the NJ Fish and Game Council, 3) formation of a Wildlife Council and 4) promoting legislation that preserves wildlife and their habitat, and nurtures a peaceful and non-violent approach to wildlife management.

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