The Fish and Game Council (FGC)

FGC is archaic and out of touch with the times. The FGC:

  • has total lethal control over New Jersey’s wildlife.
  • is an 11-member board, comprised of 6 hunters, 3 farmers, 1 public member and the chair of the endangered species program.
  • contains not one member that represents the 99.6% of the non-hunting population of New Jersey, yet they decide the fate of all wild animals in NJ
  • votes annually on the Game Code where they determine which animals will be hunted, by what means, in what numbers and when.
  • never approves any meaningful nonlethal wildlife management and focuses on increasing hunting. The State Game Code is a killing manual.

New Jersey wildlife and its citizens deserve better. APLNJ supports the establishment of a Wildlife Council that would explore and promote nonlethal methodologies to reduce or eliminate human/wildlife conflicts, and assist municipalities in implementing their use. This council would also advise the Governor, state and local agencies and municipalities about nonlethal wildlife management methods, and of new research concerning those methods.

Join us for 1) better representation for all New Jersey citizens who have a vested interest in wildlife issues, 2) modernization of the NJ Fish and Game Council, 3) the formation of a Wildlife Council and 4) promoting legislation that preserves wildlife and their habitat, and nurtures a peaceful and non-violent approach to wildlife management objectives.