The Fish and Game Council (FGC)

FGC, created in 1945, is an 11-member board, required by statute to be comprised of 6 hunters, 3 farmers, 1 public member and the chair of the endangered species program. Not one member represents the 99.4% of the non-hunting population of New Jersey. When FGC was formed the demographics of New Jersey were quite different from today. While the composition of the council may comply with state law, it is disproportionate representation for today’s demographics.

By statute, FGC is supposed to formulate policies for the protection and propagation of fish, birds, and “game” animals, through the State Game Code, which allows them to:

  • Establish, extend, shorten or abolish open hunting seasons and closed hunting seasons.
  • Establish, change or abolish killing limits and possession limits.
  • Establish and change territorial limits for the pursuit, taking, or killing of any or all species or varieties.
  • Prescribe the manner and the means of pursuing, taking, or killing any species or variety.
  • Establish, change or abolish restrictions based upon sex, maturity, or other physical distinction.

Annually, the Council votes on amendments to the State Game Code.

FGC gives lip service to nonlethal wildlife management and focuses on increasing recreational hunting opportunities. The State Game Code is is a killing manual.

New Jersey citizens deserve better. Wildlife Advocacy supports the establishment of a Wildlife Council that would explore and promote nonlethal methodologies to reduce or eliminate human/wildlife conflicts, and assist municipalities in implementing their use. This council would also advise the Governor, state and local agencies and municipalities about nonlethal wildlife management methods, and of new research concerning those methods.

Join us for 1) better representation for all New Jersey citizens who have a vested interest in wildlife issues, 2) modernization of the NJ Fish and Game Council, 3) the formation of a Wildlife Council and 4) promoting legislation that preserves wildlife and their habitat, and nurtures a peaceful and non-violent approach to wildlife management objectives.

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