Wildlife Advocacy

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The number of wildlife watchers – those who observe, photograph, and learn about wildlife – is steadily growing.

The U.S. Fish & Wildlife’s most recent survey, the “2016 National Survey of Fishing, Hunting, and Wildlife-Associated Recreation,” showed a nationwide decline in hunters from 13.7 million (2006) to 11.5 million. Hunters spent 25.6 billion. In this report wildlife watching participants numbered a staggering 86 million, far surpassing the number of hunters in the United States. The wildlife watchers spent 75.9 billion, 3 times the amount hunters spent.

APLNJ works with town officials across New Jersey promoting humane resolution strategies for conflicts between people and animals.

Conflicts create an opportunity for ecologically and ethically sustainable and modern, science-based solutions, such as:

  • modification or restoration of degraded landscapes that attract Canada geese
  • tunnels and overpasses for wildlife
  • beaver bafflers
  • restricting access to human-derived foods in Bear Smart communities
  • fences that exclude coyotes and wolves

These, and so many more, are enterprising solutions that address potential conflicts with both knowledge and morality.

Unfortunately, entrenched views persist, especially within the wildlife agency-industry-conservation alliance. Clearly, ammunition and gun manufacturers have every interest in advancing lethal, “mow ‘em down” policy.

Hunting is the past. Nonlethal wildlife technologies and practices currently available and are the future. APLNJ works to advance this progressive trend and we encourage you to get involved. Join us for:

  • better representation for the majority of New Jersey citizens disenfranchised from wildlife policy
  • modernization of the New Jersey Fish and Game Council
  • promotion of legislation that preserves wildlife and habitat, and that challenges an antiquated, self-interest system that values the lives of so-called “game” animals as mere gun fodder.

START A CONVERSATION! Ask us for your FREE NJ NON-Hunting License (pictured left) and let friends and family know that you support nonlethal means of handling conflicts with wildlife. Click here to learn more about our NJ Non-Hunting License.