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Live Animal Markets: a Threat to Life on the Planet

Click here to read more from APLNJ’s Wildlife Policy Director and to sign a petition banning live markets.

Finding help for injured wildlife during pandemic.

New Jersey wildlife rehabilitators are trained and qualified to care for injured or orphaned wildlife.  Our regular rehabilitator page (here) provides  life-saving tips on what to do if you have found injured or orphaned wildlife.

We’ve updated the list to let you know which rehabilitators are able to help animals during the pandemic.

Beaver bill is dead.

Thank you to all who contacted the governor on the beaver trapping bill. He heard us loud and clear and VETOED this heinous bill that would have allowed more trappers to kill more beavers.

Despite Senate President Sweeney’s 11th hour underhanded move to ram this bill through the legislature, we were able to stop it!

Make no mistake, Sweeney will reintroduce this bill and once again push for it to become law.

And APLNJ will lobby anew to defeat the bill – meeting with legislators and educating them on the cruelty.

Suburban Turkeys

Click here for our brochure on nonlethal ways to handle a suburban turkey issue.

Black Bears

Thank you to everyone who is fighting to protect our bears. A huge majority of us want to live in harmony and co-exist peacefully with our bears. The facts say we can. The science says we can. And we owe the bears this and much more.

Governor Murphy’s 2019 bear hunt is over. At the culmination of the hunt, 315 bears died in October’s and December’s hunt. Throughout the hunt, we saw Division of Fish and Wildlife employees smiling and welcoming bear hunters without a thought of any of the lives taken. It’s not over. Never give up fighting.

Call Governor Murphy and ask him to end bear hunting in New Jersey, but also ask him why these hunters matter more to him than everyone else. Let him know that you know he can stop the hunt. No more excuses. 609-292-6000. Tweet @GovMurphy #SaveNJBears and tag the governor in all of your social media posts.

Turtle Back Zoo Expansion

Please join Essex County residents who want no further development of the Turtle Back Zoo entertainment complex.

Do you have a tip? We are looking for tipsters to give us information on any mistreatment of animals and/or staff at the Turtle Back Zoo. Please call 732-446-6808 x101.

To learn more and to sign Our Green West Orange Group’s petition against the expansion, go here.

NJ Animal Cruelty Statutes

Are you familiar with New Jersey’s laws protecting animals? While we often criticize them as limited are, New Jersey ranks second of all 50 states in overall protection, according to an HSUS report. To see the ranking, click here. If you are a New Jersey resident, you should familiarize yourself with our laws. Click here for a complete list.

Are you caring for community cats?

Are you involved in Trap-Neuter-Return? Then you need to be a part of our Feral Friends NJ network! It’s our Yahoo group that connects feral cat caregivers all across New Jersey. Get advice, find help, connect with others in your area, find out about free cat food opportunities, become eligible for spay/neuter subsidy and more. Read all about it.

Winter is a perfect time to be a Winter Warrior and getting those cats spayed or neutered, now, before any pregnancies. For more info, reach our Cat Lady, Sandra, here.

Legislative Session

January began a new 2-year legislative session – 2020/2021.

We’ll be introducing bills to protect animals and keeping watch on bills that would harm them. Sign up for our email alerts so you can stay abreast of the happenings and find out what you can do.