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New Bear Billboard

Our 2022 billboard campaign kicks off soon. This wonderful board, designed by Cathy McCartney will make Bear Smart a household word. This is what being a good neighbor looks like.

2021 Legislative Wins

The trunk fighting ban – outlawing dog fights in car trunks – is now law, as is the Humane Cosmetics Act. For both efforts, we thank APLNJ’s Legislative Liaison, Laurie Perla.

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We’ve lots of choices in great apparel and accessories. Make a statement, spread the word, and support APLNJ’s animal work at the same time. Click here.

2022: Call to Action for Bears

Please visit our black bear advocacy page here for updated information on what you can do to help us implement nonlethal bear conflict management and to refute lies about bears to generate hunt support. The key is getting involved and staying active. Click here.

New Jersey Animal Cruelty Statutes

Are you familiar with New Jersey’s laws protecting animals? While we often criticize them as limited are, New Jersey ranks second of all 50 states in overall protection, according to an HSUS report. To see the ranking, click here. If you are a New Jersey resident, you should familiarize yourself with our laws. Click here for a complete list.

Are you caring for community cats?

APLNJ’s Community Cat network connects feral cat caregivers all across New Jersey. If you are in any way involved in Trap-Neuter—and Return (TNR), join our program to obtain help, connect with others in your area, find out about free cat food opportunities, be eligible for spay/neuter subsidy and more. Read all about it.