Thank you for your interest in APLNJ!

We hope you’ll take a few minutes to read about our programs and campaigns and join us on our journey to create a world where animals no longer suffer at the hands of humans, but instead are free to pursue their own interests.

You work hard for your money and should be sure that the organizations you help support are in line with your ethics and doing good work for the animals. We trust that once you learn more about APLNJ, you will find that we are a group worthy of your support.

We speak for all animals, large and small, domestic and wild. Our purpose is to work toward the end of the institutionalized and legalized abuse of animals. We are changing minds, changing laws, creating better laws and saving animals’ lives.

Unite with us as we move toward the day when all animals are treated with the respect and dignity they deserve!

Donate Online

Make a regular donation to APLNJ with ease. Donate by PayPal or credit card. Click Choose your Donation, to the left, where you can set up a one-time or recurring donation.

Donate by Mail

Donate to APLNJ with a check or money order sent to us at APLNJ, PO Box 186, Glen Gardner, NJ 08826.

Credit Card by Phone

Don’t want to go through PayPal with your credit card? Give our office a call and we’ll take the card over the phone. 732-446-6808 x:101

Why Support Us?

Jim Mason, pioneer of the animal rights movement and recognized in Animal Rights Hall of Fame, advises animal advocates to “keep your animal money at home.”

Mason says that a $25 donation to a local grassroots group buys many times more energy, dedication, and results. It buys more visibility for animal concerns, which means more positive changes in public consciousness. We agree!

We have been working for the animals since 1983. No small feat for a small grassroots group. We’ve seen many others come and go in that time and we’re proud to say we’ve weathered all kinds of storms and we’re still going strong – speaking out for the animals every day.

We know that as a compassionate person, you’re pulled in many directions for donations, but we are the ONLY statewide group working for animals right here in New Jersey. We receive no state or federal funding, and no funding from national organizations. We fill and important need in our state and we rely on the generosity of caring people like you to help us meet that need.

APLNJ is a nonprofit charity recognized by the IRS. Donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowable by law. Tax ID #22-2849700