Program Services

Food for Life participates in health fairs, community events, festivals and more, where we exhibit, provide literature and offer lectures and workshops, all free of charge. We are available to give presentations to service organizations, schools, clubs, environmental organizations, at libraries and special events.


Food for Life provides eye-catching, informative displays as well as educational materials on the various aspects of plant-based vegetarian eating. Topics include:

  1. Nutritional Guidelines for a Plant-Based Vegetarian Diet
  2. Protein: How much and where to get it
  3. Calcium: What we need to build strong bones
  4. Suggestions for meat and dairy substitutes
  5. Charts on the Fat Content of Common Foods
  6. Cooking and Baking without Eggs
  7. And much more…

Public Presentations

Our talks center around informing the public on the health benefits of plant-based vegetarian eating. To that end, we provide:

  • Dietary guidelines to meet daily minimum nutritional requirements
  • Healthy and easy-to-prepare delicious recipes the whole family will enjoy
  • Information on the adverse effects of a meat-based diet
  • Ways to save money on food costs
  • Shopping lists
  • Easy to understand literature in English and Spanish
  • DVDs, Videos, PowerPoint presentations
  • Free samples or coupons
  • Colorful food charts
  • Free blood pressure checks by our Director nurse

Our engaging PowerPoint presentation educates viewers while encouraging dialogue. Food for Life programs illustrate that eating plant-based vegetarian food is healthy, easy, economical and delicious. Cooking demonstrations and food tasting may be incorporated into the presentation.

Sprouts, our program for young people, provides age appropriate coloring books, recipes, games, stories and fun projects to convey the many benefits of eating fruits, vegetables, grains and beans.

For those working in the fields of animal sheltering and rescue, we offer our Food for Thought program — Do you Love one and Eat the Other? It encourages critical thinking on why we view animals in different ways, choosing to eat some and others to have a cherished and respected place in our homes.

Saving the Environment with Your Fork is a presentation specifically addressing the adverse environmental impact of a meat-based diet.

From children to seniors, animal advocates to environmentalists, garden clubs to civic organizations our programs are tailored to suit each audience.

A small sampling of places we have exhibited or presented:
East Orange Health Dept. Children’s Health & Safety Fair, Camden’s Leap Academy Celebrate Afterschool, Atlantic City Health Department Employee Wellness Program, Brimm Medical Arts School Health Fair in Camden, Toms River Employee Wellness Day, NJ Sierra Club Northwest Chapter, Ocean County Library — Toms River Branch, Camden Animal Shelter, Perth Amboy Senior Center, Lincoln Park Music Festival — Newark Community Health Centers, Ewing Health Dept. Community Outreach, Irvington Health Fair — Newark Community Clinics, Clearwater Festival Asbury Park, Elizabeth Back to School Family Health Fair, Newark’s Green Children’s Expo, Vineland Health Department’s Vineland On The Move, Essex County Environmental Center, Sierra Club Meeting — Jersey Shore Group, Livingston Health Dept. Health Fair, Passaic Community Health Fair, Edison Health Dept. Health Fair

To schedule a presentation or exhibit, or for more information on the services we provide, call 732-446-6808 x:101 or email us.