We have no scheduled workshops at this time.

People for Animals does hold TNR workshops every month at their two locations. Click here for more information.


Project TNR’s training workshops are 3 hours long and touch on all aspects of TNR and colony care. A trained trapper will bring equipment to demonstrate and the Neighborhood Cats TNR manual will be provided. If attendees complete the training and agree to abide by TNR Best Practices, they will be awarded a training certificate. Learn everything from general advocacy, to physical trapping to caring for an orphaned kitten.

Workshops are provided to any group or municipality who wish to promote TNR in their town. A registration fee of $10 per person helps ensure attendance. A minimum of 15 attendees is required.

If you would like to organize a training workshop in your town please email us with the proposed location and date of the workshop. Your location should include several large tables, up to 30 chairs, a projection screen or large white wall and preferably permission to have food and beverages. Please allow a minimum of 6 weeks to arrange a workshop date.