Caring for feral cats is rewarding, but will always have its heartbreaks. Project TNR offers this space to those caregivers who would like to memorialize their feral who are no longer here. We accept submissions with a few guidelines. We have a 100 word limit and your memorial may be accompanied by one picture. The memorial will stay up for minimum of 4 months. A memorial donation to sustain our work is greatly appreciated, but not necessary. If you’d like to make a donation, click here or send to APLNJ, PO Box 186, Glen Gardner, NJ 08826. Put Project TNR Memorial in the memo. If you would like to submit a memorial, contact us.

Bubba Boy Daddy

Yet another piece of the Link is now gone, the patriarch, the leader of the group. In caring for you for the 5 plus years – I had thought of this day- what if-I were never to see you again-that day came, on March 28, 2015 was the last day I would see you alive. You went missing,
where had you gone?

For the week I had searched for you- My dear Sweet BBD-your face was the last image I would see before I would sleep and the first image was you when I would rise. It was as if you were sending me a message

— Don’t forget about me. I promised you, I wouldn’t do that. Never to be a forgotten cat.

For I told you every day how handsome you were- I had found you BBD and it cut me to the core of my being. I pray you didn’t suffer. Thank you for the memories- BBD- yes, you may been a colony kitty-that had my heart and touched my soul like no other. You had lassie like qualities. I’d watch you chirp as you came running, as if to let me know- I hear ya- I’am coming. You enjoyed your chin rubs and getting loved on. Know that JR and Junior miss you-I have watched them grieve, for it is painful. They sit in the field- look n chirp -waiting for you to appear. You’re off to a new adventure, one that is beyond life but filled with love forever. No doubt head bumping old friends and new friends alike. RIP my sweet BBD – til we meet again- Always Loved- always will be missed..  XO Tina , JR n Junior

In Memory of Mr. Blackie

The call came that a black kitty had been hit by a car and was laying lifeless on the road. Sadly enough, it is you-Mr. Blackie that I say good bye to today-I am sorry my friend-aka Mr. Slithers, RIP. Why did I nickname you that? You moved around-so no no one would see you-or so you thought. I wondered where you had gone, after MT went to the Rainbow Bridge, you disappeared. I worried about you, where had you gone? Perhaps, the Bubba Boys and Mr. Boots chased you away-I always hoped, I’d see you again.  I fed you first, when you came back to  re join the colony , ( the boys didn’t like that ).  I knew you were talking to me-your eyes meeting mine-I then knew-you trusted me.  You were a handsome boy-with jet black long hair and big golden eyes.  You were not a picky eater-enjoyed everything. Although you never allowed me to touch you-you mattered to me.  RIP ­Mr. Blackie

In Memory of Momma Torti

A part of the link is now missing – you have gone to your new home – KITTY Heaven – and now have joined your babies – that did not survive last year. Your Soul will remain – you have touched mine, yes, maybe a colony cat that went unnoticed to many, for you mattered to me. I’ll always remember you – with those big Golden eyes. Mr. Boots and the Bubba Boys will miss you as well. RIP–MT