Get Connected

Nexus — connecting NJ’s feral cat caregivers

They say it takes a village to raise a child — we say it takes a Nexus to create a successful TNR program. The Nexus connects caregivers across New Jersey. It is the CENTER of our strength — the connection between all of the individual caregivers and how we pool our resources, knowledge and experiences.

Through the Nexus we are able to respond to the numerous phone calls and emails we get weekly from people looking for advice and support.

Being a part of the Nexus makes caregivers an important link in our chain of TNR supporters across New Jersey.

If you would like to join the Nexus to get and give information and help, please download and fill out the contact information form.

Once you are approved to be on our Nexus, you can join our Community Cats Google group. It’s a valuable resource where you can network, seek advice/assistance, offer advice/assistance and brainstorm on ways to handle difficult situations.

If you would like to connect with groups in your area that practice TNR, click here.


The following support, endorse or otherwise accept the use of Trap-Neuter-Return as a legitimate and effective animal control tool for stemming the tide of unwanted feline births in feral cat colonies, protecting public health and reducing negative impact on wildlife.


Over 140 NJ municipalities and 4 counties support TNR. Whether through an officially sanctioned TNR program, via formal ordinance or resolution or through agreements with their animal control department or local private nonprofits, more and more municipalities are utilizing TNR and seeing the positive results that follow.

Below is an article in the League of Municipalities magazine highlighting a few such towns. Please email us for specific ordinances.