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  • Box Traps – the long, regular rectangular traps. The best kind (the only kind you should really use, have a rear guillotine door).
  • Dividers – also called isolators, they look like pitchforks and are very helpful when caring for cats in traps during recovery
  • Drop Traps – large approximately 3′ x 3′ traps, propped up with a stick attached to a rope. See video above.
  • Cages – good if you have a mother about to give birth, or one already nursing

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Caring For Your Feral Cat Colony

Feral Cat Relocation

NOTE: Feral cats should ONLY be relocated in extreme situations (construction or demolition near their colony, cats are in danger of being abused or killed, etc.). If the cats simply cannot remain where they are, steps must be taken to ensure a successful relocation.

Feral cats should never be released in a new area without following relocation procedures — they are very territorial and will try and find their way home, often meeting an unfortunate end. Please refer to the links below to learn more. APLNJ has a packet for finding Outdoor Homes that is full of information about finding a safe new home for your colony. This packet does not list available homes. It tells you how to go about finding a new home for the cats and making sure that the new caregiver has the cats’ best interests in mind.

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