Help Injured or Orphaned Wildlife


In New Jersey those qualified to care for injured or orphaned wildlife are called Wildlife Rehabilitators.

If you TRULY need a professional wildlife rehabilitator who is qualified to treat, care for and release wild animals CLICK HERE.

HOWEVER, NOT ALL ANIMALS NEED HELP, so please, before you call, take a moment to read this page closely for life-saving information. The animal may not need to be rescued at all.

Oftentimes “orphaned” wildlife is not really orphaned and well-intentioned people remove them instead of waiting to allow their mother to return. This can have deadly consequences, since their mother is their best chance at survival.

To find information on a variety of species, on how to determine if the animal genuinely needs help (often baby deer and cottontail rabbits do NOT need help) and how to keep the animal safe and comfortable until they can be transported to a licensed wildlife rehabilitator, we turn to Wild Baby Rescue Center. Please visit this link for information outlining if an animal needs to be rescued or not.

  • For more information on wildlife issues (what to do if you find a baby rabbit, how to help turtles in the road, etc.), click here.
  • Found a baby deer? Click here to help determine if that baby needs help or not.

In an emergency, the best thing to do is to keep the animal in a warm, quiet place. You can place the animal on a blanket over a heating pad (on LOW, so as not to overheat the animal). Do NOT force any liquid down the throats of any animal (bird or mammal). They could drown or become very sick. Contact a licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator or veterinarian immediately.