Financial Aid


Below you will find a list of organizations that have programs to provide financial assistance to those facing high veterinary bills.

We recommend applying to a number of organizations at the same time, once you’ve determined what needs to be done. Depending on the cost of the veterinary care, these organizations might not be able to cover it entirely and they would expect that you are applying to multiple organizations for assistance. So, don’t just apply to one and wait and see what they say. Apply to a lot at once.

Most organizations will need an estimate of the cost of services. We recommend getting a written estimate from the veterinarian and ask that they email it to you, as some organizations will have you fill out an application online and you can simply attach the estimate.

LOW-COST VACCINATIONS: offered at select PetCo Stores on certain dates.

FREE RABIES VACCINATIONS: Most towns have free rabies vaccination clinics once or twice a year. If your town doesn’t have one for a while, ask if they work with any other towns you can go to or if the county offers them. Simply call your town hall and ask for the health department.


Credit Care

NOTE: Care Credit is a credit card and some charitable groups require that you apply to Care Credit – and be DENIED – before they will consider granting you any funds. You can apply online and you will have an instant answer if you have been denied or not.

Care Credit is good if you can pay off what you charge within 6 months, because they will do that interest free.

However, you MUST pay it in 6 months or the interest is really high (around 29%) AND the interest gets calculated on the amount you charged, not the amount you owe. It’s a good deal though if you can pay it off in the 6 months they give you. We recommend applying if you haven’t already.

LOWER COST CARE (these are in New York City, but if you are close it might be worth your while to look into them)

1/  The Humane Society of New York – their website states: “Our full-service veterinary hospital enables dog and cat pet owners with limited means, to receive quality treatment for their pets at affordable rates. Services range from basic wellness care and spay/neuter to advanced diagnostic and surgical procedures.”

It may be worth your while to contact them to see if they would be less expensive than in New Jersey, especially if you are seeking funding for an expensive surgery.

2/  Animal Medical Center – a non-profit 24/7 teaching hospital, and they will often charge less than many for-profit 24/7 facilities.

They will be for specialty surgeries or treatments. If that is what you need, they also have their own options for financial assistance.


Animal Protection League of New Jersey Our Veterinary Bill Assistance Program provides (when funded) small grants to qualified individuals for veterinary care for companion animals. We do not cover spaying or neutering, vaccinations or regular check-ups. Funding is not available at this time – 10/2023.

Assistance Dog United Campaign – “assistance” dogs only. We’re not sure if this is for veterinary bill grants or not, but you should inquire.

Brown Dog Foundation

Canine Cancer Awareness – they suspended funding as of 8/15/19, but may start up again, so check website.

Coalition for Animals – 908.369.0604

Cody’s Club – only for dogs with cancer

Feline Veterinary Emergency Assistance

For the Love of Alex

Frankie’s Friends – 888.465.PETS

God’s Creatures Ministry – 973.694.5155; maximum of $50

Handicapped Pets Foundation – grants for wheelchairs only

Int’l Association of Assistance Dog Partners – only for “assistance” dogs

Joshua Louis Animal Cancer Foundation – provides grants for animals under the care of a board-certified veterinary oncologist

Kobi’s Fund for VAS Cats – only for cats with Vaccine Associated Sarcoma diagnosis

Land of PureGold Foundation – 410.363.1434; only cancer treatment for dogs

Magic Bullet Fund – only cancer treatment for dogs

Onyx & Breezy Foundation – 201.782.7400

Pet Pals of Southern New Jersey – focused on helping seniors and people managing a chronic or terminal illness. Services people only in Camden, Burlington or Gloucester counties in New Jersey.

Pets of the Homeless – food and veterinary care assistance for homeless

Red Rover Relief – 916.429.2457

Rose’s Fund for Animals

Save the Animals Foundation

Save U.S. Pets – works only with certain vets in NJ and you must go to one of them (see list in link above)

Shakespeare Animal Fund

The Mosby Foundation – dogs only

The Mosby Foundation – this page has links to other organizations you can try

The Pet Fund – 916.503.0550

The Pet Lifeline Financial Assistance Program

The Riedel and Cody Fund – only chemotherapy and radiation treatments

The Wuff House – Provides food and funds (as available) to residents of Burlington County (NJ)

Tripawds Foundation – Our goal is to help financially distressed individuals with the unexpected financial burden of amputation surgery for a dog or cat.

Vet-I-Care – 732.690.0326

Waggle Foundation – A pet-dedicated crowdfunding solution that channels funds directly to verified veterinary providers to ensure the money goes only to the pet’s care

If your animal is a single breed, you can also do an Internet search for clubs for that particular breed. Such clubs may have a program set up to help their breed specific animals with extreme veterinary bills.