Thank you for your interest in APLNJ!

We hope you’ll take a few minutes to read below about our programs and campaigns and join with us on our journey to end animal abuse and exploitation.

You work hard for your money and should be sure that the organizations you donate to are in line with your ethics and doing good work for the animals. We trust that once you learn more about APLNJ, you will find that we are a group worthy of your support.

We speak for all animals, large and small, domestic and wild. Our mission is to work toward the end of the institutionalized and legalized abuse of animals. We are changing minds, changing laws, creating better laws and saving individual animals’ lives.

Read more about us here and join us as we move towards the day when all animals are treated with the respect and dignity they deserve!

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Why Support Us?

Jim Mason, pioneer of the animal rights movement and inductee into the U.S. Animal Rights Hall of Fame, advises animal advocates to “keep your animal money at home.”

Mason goes on to say that a $25 donation to a local grassroots group buys many times more energy, dedication, and results. It buys more visibility to animal concerns, which means more positive changes in public consciousness. We couldn’t agree more!

We have been working for the animals since 1983. No small feat for a small grassroots group. We’ve seen many groups come and go in the time we’ve been around and we’re proud to say that we’ve weathered all kinds of storms and are still going strong, speaking out for the animals, each and every day.

As a compassionate person, we know you are pulled in many directions for donations, but we are the ONLY statewide group working for animals right here in New Jersey. We receive no state or federal funding, or funding from national organizations. We fill an important need and rely on the generosity of caring individuals, such as yourself, to help us fill that need. We hope you’ll walk with us on our journey to end the abuse and exploitation of animals. THANK YOU!


What have we been doing?

We have many programs and campaigns to help animals and here are just a few:

APLNJ’s wildlife program, Project 99 – a voice for the more than 99% of NJ residents who do not hunt – works to protect wildlife from the assault by the NJ Division of Fish & Wildlife. We keep an eye out for legislation harmful to wildlife and placed ads in key legislative districts throughout NJ. Visit StopHunting for current info.

Snare Trap Billboard

We’ve had op-eds published in the Star-Ledger, the New York Times and numerous New Jersey papers. We’ve used newspaper ads, Internet ads and billboards to get our message out. Pictured here is a billboard campaign to end the use of snares on black bears.

Our Food for Life program encourages a plant based diet to eliminate the immense suffering of animals raised for human consumption. Our though provoking ad, pictured here, was seen on the PATH trains running between New Jersey and New York. We visit schools, clubs, festivals, churches, health fairs and more with our message of humane and healthy plant-based eating.

APLNJ has written articles for environmental groups’ magazines to highlight the connection between factory farming practices and the destruction of the environment. All of this is made possible through the support of our members. Check out NJ Compassionate Eating.

2015 PATH Train Ad cat chickenThrough Project TNR, APLNJ advocates for feral cats and encourages the implementation of Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR). We have made great strides toward making New Jersey a TNR friendly state.

APLNJ works with individual caregivers, giving them advice on how to trap and neuter and provide lifelong care for their cats. We hold training workshops, maintain our Feral Cat Advocacy website as a valuable source of information and offer one-on-one phone counseling to those looking to help homeless cats.

Municipalities also benefit from our program as we present to them the many reasons why TNR is the only effective and cost-effective method of dealing with feral and stray cat populations.

APLNJ has collaborated with the state’s Endangered Species Program, discussing and implementing workable and humane solutions for feral cats and wildlife. APLNJ was also a part of the Animals in the Community Task Force of Sustainable Jersey and produced a Trap-Neuter-Return guide for municipalities.

APLNJ is a nonprofit charity recognized by the IRS. Donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowable by law. Tax ID #22-2849700