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The following support, endorse or otherwise accept the use of Trap-Neuter-Return as a legitimate and effective animal control tool for stemming the tide of unwanted feline births in feral cat colonies, protecting public health and reducing negative impact on wildlife.

SUPPORT - ordinances in new jersey

Over 130 NJ municipalities have some form of officially sanctioned TNR program, whether through formal ordinances or resolutions or through agreements with their animal control department or local private nonprofits. Whatever the means, more and more municipalities are unitilizing TNR and seeing the positive results that follow. Municipal officials and staff are invited to contact us for this list.

Below is an article in the League of Municipalites magazine highlighting a few such towns as well as a sample ordinance and resolution.

Project TNR - Trap-Neuter-Return results in: fewer to no births, reduction of nuisance complaints by residents, alleviation of public health concerns, lower animal control costs

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