Seeking nonlethal and nonviolent solutions to human/animal conflicts is forward-thinking, not sentimentality. These conflicts create an opportunity for ecologically sustainable and 21st century technological solutions. Creating tunnels and overpasses for wildlife, using beaver baffles, implementing bear smart communities, designing buildings in tune with nature are enterprising solutions that address such concerns with an energetic spirit of compassion and concern.

The New Jersey Division of Fish & Wildlife and the Fish & Game Council continue to promote lethal management and view wildlife as pests, reinforcing a 19th century consumptive use philosophy. Hunting is the past.

Currently available nonlethal wildlife technologies being used today, are the future. We embody and embrace this progressive trend and encourage you to get involved.

Project 99 was created to represent the 99.4% of New Jersey’s non-hunting population -- supporting nonlethal wildlife approaches and peaceful solutions to human/wildlife issues in New Jersey.

Join us for 1) better representation for all New Jersey citizens who have a vested interest in wildlife issues, 2) modernization of the NJ Fish and Game Council, 3) the formation of a Wildlife Council and 4) promoting legislation that preserves wildlife and their habitat, and nurtures a peaceful and non-violent approach to wildlife management objectives.

Support Project 99 by purchasing your very own NJ Non-Hunting License and become a part of the green revolution of our parks and forests. Click here to learn more about our NJ Non-Hunting License.

Project 99 - Stop Hunting - Stop the State Sanctioned Killing of our Wildlife

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