PATH to Compassion

APLNJ has joined with NY Farm Animal Save, NJ Farm Animal Save and Woodstock Animal Sanctuary in a provocative advertising campaign on the PATH trains running between New Jersey and New York. Look for it in May. Take a selfie with the ad and send it to us!

why love one but eat the other

Action Center

APLNJ is the only statewide organization addressing difficult issues and we need your voice! Click to take action on matters that affect animals here in New Jersey. Join us in defending our wildlife. Entrenched self-interests, and a corrupt system, will not go lightly. With an inevitable change in leadership in Trenton, join us in obtaining reform.

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Support our work fighting for wildlife in New Jersey by ordering your NON-Hunting License. Learn more about it.

Black Bear Reports

From a national perspective, APLNJ's recently published report examines how state game agencies use black bear hunt-lotteries as hunter recruitment tools. Read it here.

Major Report: Baiting the Black Bear

The hunting of black bear (Ursus americanus) and white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus) over bait is an overlooked yet critical component of New Jersey’s black bear management program. Baiting for deer or bear changes the behavior of bears and leads to food conditioning and habituation to humans. Artificial feeding contributes to potential conflicts and property damage, alterations in bear behavior and foraging habits, increased or sustained reproductive rate, physical size, distribution, and numbers.

Baiting has significant negative impacts on a wide range of non-target species, and contributes to forest degeneration, predation on ground-nesting birds, the spread of disease and invasive plants, increased illegal activity, and increased automobile-deer collisions. Read biologist Tom Eveland's literature review here: Baiting the Black Bear.

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APLNJ KNOWS that with dedication and determination, New Jersey can be a better place for animals JOIN US & HELP make that vision a reality