ARISE is dedicated to educating the public about the cruelty and fraud inherent in the use of animals in experimentation, a practice known as vivisection. Learn more about our ARISE program.

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Bear Education And Resource (BEAR)

Join our ongoing campaign to protect New Jersey's black bears and their habitat, create and support bear smart communities, and promote non-lethal black bear management policies in the government and legislature.

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Food for Life

Food for Life promotes plant-based vegetarian eating—Helping Animals and a Healthier You. Read on to learn how you can help animals by making the transition to a veggie diet.

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Project 99

The Fish and Game Council has complete authority over all wildlife in New Jersey. Help us protect wildlife, fight the Council's lethal power over wildlife, reclaim our parks and forests, and expose common hunting myths, lies and deceptions.

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Project TNR

Got feral or stray cats? Don't know what to do? We can help! Project TNR offers advice, assistance, guidance and training.

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Animal Protection League of New Jersey