Food For Life

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Helping Animals and a Healthier You

Try Plant-Based
Vegetarian Eating

Delicious Recipes


Better-than-Cole-Slaw Amazing Kale-Slaw

A great alternative to cabbage, this dish is high in calcium.


African Soup with Yams, Peanuts and Chickpeas

A wonderful blend of different flavors, this is a very satisfying soup.


Quick & Easy One Pot Black Bean Salsa

Serve as a side dish, in a wrap, a salad, hot or cold.


The Best Ever Chocolate Cake: No eggs! No milk!

No kidding! Top this cake with Best Ever “Butter Cream” Frosting and you'll never miss the eggs or dairy.

The Best Ever “Butter Cream” Frosting

Move over Betty Crocker!

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Food for Life is a program of Animal Protection League of NJ (APLNJ), a NJ registered charity since 1983. A community service organization, APLNJ endeavors to make the world a better place for animals and people. The Food for Life program strives to improve the public’s health by promoting plant-based vegetarian eating that is good for people, animals and the environment.