Benefits Of Humane Education

Compassion and empathy, the crux of humane education, are integral components of schools’ character education programs.

By practicing compassion and empathy, to humans and non-humans alike, students learn how their choices affect others and the world around them; they learn about the power of their actions and how to use that power responsibly; they learn to be active, problem-solving members of society; they learn we are All One Community.

Students of humane education gain insight into their community’s and world issues. They develop strong moral fiber and the ability to make ethical decisions. With these skills, students will become adults who are willing and able to solve personal, career and social problems ethically and conscientiously.

APLNJ created humane education curriculum guides for Language Arts and Literacy. The guides, teaching kindness and respect for all living beings, draws from the many excellent materials that are already out there, but puts it all in one place. It is also rights oriented, dealing with issues beyond how to care for your dog or cat.

We are very pleased with these guides and are making them available free to educators. By clicking on any of the links below you can print the guides in their entirety or individual lessons plans.

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Activity Sheets for Pre-K–K

Click here for 12 activity sheets for the very young, advocating kindness to animals.

Humane Education Curriculum Guides for Language Arts and Literacy

These booklets contain activities which are tailored to meet the needs of educators who wish to address not only the cognitive, but also the equally important affective areas of learning. All activities have been carefully selected for relevancy to subject areas and support current federal and state (particularly New Jersey) curriculum standards in those areas. These simplistic, yet powerfully engaging activities greatly promote critical thinking and classroom dialogue, and are easily integrated into the busiest class schedule. Students love learning about all animals. Here is an opportunity for young people to learn about and appreciate other living beings with whom they share the planet.

Grades 1–2

Click here to download this 44-page guide. If you prefer to have a hard copy mailed to you, don't hesitate to contact us and request one.

Grades 3–5

Click here to download this 40-page guide. If you prefer to have a hard copy mailed to you, don't hesitate to contact us and request one.

Another wonderful resource is a video and teacher's guide called Share the World. You can watch the video here.

Grade 6

General Animal Rights Issues
Hunting Issues

Miscellaneous Items

Humane Science Projects — Suggestions for Biology Studies that are Scientifically Educational and Ethically Non-Controversial

Bringing Animal Issues Into the Classroom — Activities and Essays for Elementary and Middle School Students & Research and Discussion Topics for High School Students

Suggested Bibliography for Elementary and Middle School Students — for Developing Readers, Experienced Readers and Mature Students

School Chick-Hatching Projects — These projects are not all they’re cracked up to be. Learn what happens to the chicks and find out what tools are available to teach biology without sacrificing compassion.

A Guide to Class Trips in New Jersey — Throughout the school year, teachers, school administrators and PTAs across New Jersey arrange school trips for children that are intended to fascinate, stimulate curiosity and educate. Many of these trips do, but some, like trips to circuses, zoos and aquariums, perpetuate the belief that it is acceptable to imprison animals for purposes we deem appropriate. In this brochure are trips that do not involve institutionalized animal abuse and exploitation. This list is provided as a courtesy and is by no means exhaustive. There are literally hundreds of educational class trip opportunities for children that would be impossible to list here.

If you have trouble printing any of these files, would like an original hard-copy, or would like multiple copies, please don't hesitate to email us. They're free!

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