Shep Project—Helping Chained, Outside Dogs

Do you know a dog who sits chained and neglected outdoors? While New Jersey Statutes mandate providing “proper food, drink, shelter or protection from the weather” [NJSA 4:22-26], a well-rounded life for a dog includes far more.

Providing for the physical and emotional needs of a dog is the responsibility that comes with bringing a dog into one’s life. When a dog is left chained outdoors most or all of the day and night, she needs you to speak up for her!

You can make a difference in her life by taking the following steps:

  • If the dog is in imminent danger, you must call the SPCA (or the police) IMMEDIATELY.
  • If the dog is not in danger we recommend talking to the homeowners if you haven’t already done so. Many times, a calm conversation accompanied with some literature for the homeowner can open their eyes to the inadequacy of the life they are providing for their dog and can bring immediate change. For information and a brochure that you can present to them in the conversation, please contact our office.
  • If you feel you can’t talk to the homeowner, or you have in the past and nothing has changed, contact us to have APLNJ send them a letter and brochure directly. (The letter will not disclose your name.) It explains that if the homeowner doesn’t take measures to correct the situation within one week’s time, the SPCA will be contacted to investigate the situation.

Help Get the Word Out!

APLNJ offers free multiple copies of our Shep Brochure, named in memory of a neglected dog, which highlights the plight of dogs kept chained outdoors, day in and day out. You may have taken advantage of our offer in the past, and we encourage you to continue doing so when your supply runs low. We have printed this brochure in both English and Spanish. Click here to download the Spanish version. [Each brochure prints on 11" x 14" legal-sized paper.]

The Shep Brochure was produced to educate individuals and families that dogs need social interaction, not just the basics of food, water and shelter. While it may seem that some people are beyond reaching when it comes to proper companion animal care, we firmly believe in making the effort, because we never know who we may be able to reach and which dog’s life may improve as a result of our effort.

APLNJ is making this brochure available free to anyone who would find it useful. It may be distributed either directly to individuals who would benefit from the information or put on display at libraries, veterinarian's offices, town halls, etc...To order in quantity, please call 732-446-6808 or email our office. Be sure to indicate the quantity in ENGLISH and the quantity in SPANISH. Also let us know if you would like a free holder to display the brochures!

Go the Extra Mile
Enact a No-Chaining Ordinance in YOUR Town!

NJ towns that have enacted ordinances:

  • Bloomingdale
  • Camden
  • Dennis Township
  • Galloway Township
  • Lower Township
  • Middle Township
  • Nutley
  • Ocean City
  • Sea Isle City
  • Wildwood
  • Wildwood Crest

Sample ordinance

Send us an email with your full name and address and we’ll mail you information to help you through the process of enacting a local ordinance against 24/7 chaining.

To read more on this topic, please visit Dogs Deserve Better.

Animal Protection League of New Jersey