Looking to adopt?

Look through the list below for your county to find groups who have ani­mals in need of homes. Most groups will also be listed on PetFinder. Across the top of the Petfinder homepage, you can put in the species you would like to adopt and your zip code and it will come up with pictures and descriptions of ani­mals needing homes in your area and contact information for the groups/shelters that are currently caring for them. You can then contact the groups to arrange to meet some of their ani­mals who are waiting for loving, permanent homes.

We would appreciate being made aware of any corrections, additions or input regarding this list. Please email us. Thank you.

Atlantic County

Ani­mal Survival Without Cruelty, 609-429-2974
LICKS, 609-653-9004
Atlantic County Ani­mal Shelter, 609-485-2345
Atlantic County SPCA, 609-927-9059
Humane Society of Atlantic County, 609-347-2487
Humane Society of Ocean City, 609-399-2018
Pet Protection Society, 609-484-8098

Bergen County

Adopt a Companion, 201-568-9816
Adoption & Rescue Association, 201-796-7558
Ani­mals Need You, 973-420-2981
START II, 201-797-8861, 973-785-1245
Wyckoff Ani­mal Shelter, 201-891-7000
A Pathway to Hope
Adopt-a-Buddy, Inc/Pug Rescue, 201-612-0709
Ani­mal Life Savers, 201- 861-3411
Ani­mal Rescue Team, 201-935-7076
Bergen County Ani­mal Shelter, 201-229-4600
Caring About the Strays (CATS), 201-666-5444
Closter Ani­mal Welfare Society, 201-768-0200
Chance at Life Cat Rescue, 551-206-1284
Elaine's Foundation for Homeless Felines, 201-410-7280
Fair Lawn Ani­mal Pound, 201-796-1400
Four Paws Ani­mal Welfare Society, 201-670-5635
Friends of Homeless Ani­mals, 973-778-4001, 973-620-0284
Friends of the County Ani­mal Shelter, 201-943-4019
Good Karma Dog Rescue
Happy Tails Ani­mal Rescue, 201-723-8842
Here Kitty Kitty, 862-668-4454
Humane Society of Bergen County, 201-896-9300
National Foundation for Ani­mal Rescue, 877-554-8787
Paramus Ani­mal Shelter, 201-649-0710
Paramus Ani­mal Welfare Society, 201-791-5561
Pet ResQ Inc, 201-541-7283
Ramapo-Bergen Ani­mal Refuge, 201-337-5180

Burlington County

Adopt a Pet, 856-829-7332
Companion Ani­mal Placement, 856-273-2840
Ani­mal Sanctuary Society, 856-642-0004
Burlington County Ani­mal Alliance, 609-880-1235
Burlington County Ani­mal Shelter, 609-265-5073

Delaware Valley Second Chance for Ani­mals 
Oasis Ani­mal Sanctuary, 856-262-1222
Paws and Claws Society, 856-848-7664
Ani­mal Welfare Association, 856-424-2288
PetPALS of Southern New Jersey, 856-931-4399 (assists ill or needy individuals ONLY)

Camden County

Almost Home Ani­mal Shelter, 856-663-3058
Ani­mal Adoption Center, 856-435-9116
Ani­mal Orphanage, 856-627-9111
Ani­mal Welfare Association, 856-424-2288
Camden County Ani­mal Shelter, 856-401-1300

Delaware Valley Second Chance for Ani­mals
Hearts & Paws, 856-795-2222
Lilo's Promise,, 856-207-7818
Oasis Ani­mal Sanctuary, 856-262-1222
Saved Whiskers, 856-719-0512
Paws and Claws Society, 856-848-7664
PetPALS of Southern New Jersey, 856-931-4399 (assists ill or needy individuals ONLY)
Velvet Paws, 609-428-8889 or 856.428.8889
West Jersey Volunteers for Ani­mals, 856-845-3860, 856-728-3004

Cape May County

Ani­mal Outreach, 609-898-1738
Ani­mal Welfare Society, 609-465-3403
Cape May County Ani­mal Shelter, 609-465-8923
Humane Society of Ocean City, 609-399-2018
Beacon Ani­mal Rescue, 609-390-7946
SOS Sea Isle Cats, 609-263-7731

Cumberland County

Cumberland County SPCA, 856-691-1500

Ess­ex County

Short Hills Four Paws, 973-376-3866, 908-647-0012
Homeless Ani­mal League, 973-429-3002
Associated Humane Societies, 973-824-7080
John A. Bukowski Shelter for Ani­mals, 973-748-0194
Homeless Ani­mal League, 973-429-3002
Cameron Ani­mal Hospital Rescue, 973-744-2052
CATS—Care & Treatment of Strays, nbamc@aol.com
Friends of Bukowski's Ani­mals, 973-259-0016
Jersey Ani­mal Coalition, 973-763-7322
Orphaned Pets, 973-882-8363, 973-635-7395
PAWS, 973-746-5212, 973-746-5451
Summit Ani­mal Rescue Assn, 908-464-1203
W Orange Ani­mal Welfare League, 973-325-4128, 973-736-8689
Livingston Ani­mal Shelter, 973-535-7961
A Purrfect World, 973-566-9022
Here Kitty Kitty, 862-668-4454

Gloucester County

Save the Ani­mals Foundation, 856-582-7718
Oasis Ani­mal Sanctuary, 856-262-1222
Gloucester County Ani­mal Shelter, 856-218-7006
Ani­mal Welfare Association, 856-424-2258
Ani­mal Adoption Center, 856-435-9116
FurrEver Friends, 856-845-8554
Paws and Claws, 856-848-7664
PetPALS of Southern New Jersey, 856-931-4399 (assists ill or needy individuals ONLY)

Hudson County

Friends of Urban Rescue, 201-222-6100
Ani­mal Life Savers, 201- 861-3411
Ani­mals Need You, 973-420-2981
Companion Ani­mal Placement, 201-610-0842
Companion Ani­mal Trust
Happy Feet, CrissCatF@aol.com
Heaven On Earth Four Paws, 201-823-4303
Hudson County Ani­mal League, 201-200-1008
Liberty Humane Society, 201-547-4147
Here Kitty Kitty, 862-668-4454
Lend-A-Paw Ani­mal Rescue
Pets for Keeps

Hunterdon County

Hunterdon Humane Ani­mal Shelter, 908-996-2525
People for Unwanted Feline Friends, 908-234-1273
Rogers' Rescues
Save Our Strays, Inc, DianaM1951@aol.com
Tabby’s Place, 908-237-5300
Ani­mal Alliance of Belle Mead, 609-818-1952
Lost Paws Ani­mal Rescue, 908-331-1551
Cat Adoption & Pet Information Center, 908-526-5045 or 908-393-2007 (adoption only)

Lambertville Animal Welfare, 609-397-0461

Mercer County

Ani­mal Allies, 609-737-2380
Ani­mal Friends for Education & Welfare, 609-448-5322
Ani­mal Placement of the Windsors, 609-799-1263
Ani­mals in Distress, 609-585-5442
Chrissy's Kitty ResQ, 609-448-7806
Delaware Valley Second Chance for Ani­mals
EASEL, 609-883-0540
Focus on Ani­mals, 609-275-1280
Hamilton Twp. Ani­mal Shelter, 609-890-3550
SAVE, 609-921-6122
Stray Katz, 609-203-3414
Trenton Ani­mal Shelter, 609-989-3254
Trenton Cats Rescue, 857-CAT-TOWN
Pet Rescue of Mercer
Ewing Township Ani­mal Shelter, 609-393-9608
Homeward Bound Rescue, 609-586-9143
Ani­mal Alliance of Belle Mead, 609-818-1952

Middles­ex County

Noah’s Ark, 732-815-1633
North Brunswick Humane Assoc., 908-812-7686, 732-247-0650
Ani­mal Lifesavers Pet Adoption, 732-254-5002, 732-549-1270
Ani­mal Rescue Force, 732-257-7559
Blumig Kennels, 732-251-3210
Cattitude, Inc, 732-491-5696
Helping Hands for Helpless Paws, 732-572-7637
Old Bridge Ani­mal Shelter, 732-721-5600
Perth Amboy Ani­mal Shelter, 732-324-3877
Sayreville Pet Adoption Center, 732-727-3895
PawsAbilities Rescue, pawsabilitiesrescue@hotmail.com
Whiskers & Wags 4 Adoption, 908-822-9662
Feline Rescue Mission, glibbares@yahoo.com or felinerescuemission@yahoo.com
Cat Adoption & Pet Information Center, 908-526-5045 or 908-393-2007 (adoption only)

Monmouth County

Operation Kindness, 732-842-4883
Pet Adoption League, 732-530-8267
All Fur Love Rescue732-982-7235
Ani­mal Rescue Force, 732-257-7559, 732-792-8101
Associated Humane Societies, 732-922-0100
Castle of Dreams Ani­mal Rescue, 732-765-8378
Monmouth County SPCA, 732-542-0040, 732-542-0298
Save Our Community Strays, 908-770-4995
Hope for Ani­mals, 732-549-1270
Purrfect Feline Friends, 732-239-0433 or mspacak@comcast.net
Lolli-Pop Ani­mal Rescue, paws2001@optonline.net
Three Little Kittens, 732-988-3024

Morris County

BARK, 973-786-5763
Forgotten Pets, 973-299-9112
Garden State Ani­mal Rescue, 908-647-3000
KISS, 973-670-2481
PATCH, 973-835-7202
Jefferson Township Ani­mal Shelter, 973-663-3241
Lakeland Ani­mal Haven, 973-584-1415
Montville Ani­mal Shelter, 973-334-6410
Ani­mal Recovery Network, 973-627-0789
Mt. Pleasant Ani­mal Shelter, 973-386-0590
Noah’s Ark Ani­mal Welfare Association, 973-347-0378
Orphaned Pets, 973-882-8363, 973-953-0656
Pequannock Ani­mal Shelter, 973-835-3980
Pet Adoption League, 973-845-0095, 973-663-0955, 973-584-0095
Randolph Municipal Pound, 973-989-7090
Second Chance Pet Adoption, 973-208-1054
St. Hubert's Ani­mal Welfare, 973-377-7094
Summit Ani­mal League, 973-701-1812
Summit Ani­mal Rescue Association, 732-309-4089
Parsippany Ani­mal Shelter, 973-263-7083
Smitten by Kittens, adopt@smittenbykittens.com
Cause 4 Paws, 973-953-0656
Operation Sanctuary, 908-684-4763
11th Hour Rescue, 973-664-0865

Ocean County

The Volunteer Auxiliary, 732-892-7884
All About Them Giant Breed Rescue, 609-758-8261
Ani­mal Birth Control, 732-349-5898, 732-269-8793
Associated Humane Societies, 609-693-1900
Calling All Cats Rescues, 732-773-0809 (Sara), 732-757-9581 (Bridgette)
Dover Township Ani­mal Shelter, 732-367-5044
Jersey Shore Ani­mal Center, 732-920-1600
Ocean County Ani­mal Facility-North, 732-657-8086
Ocean County Ani­mal Facility-South, 609-978-0127
One by One Cat Rescue, email
New Beginnings Pet Rescue, no phone
Meadow's Spirit Cat Rescue, no phone
Shore Ani­mal Volunteer Enterprise, 732-288-2884

Passaic County

PATCH, 973-835-7202
Ani­mal Rescue Team , 973-684-8729
Pequannock Ani­mal Shelter, 973-835-3980
Ani­mals Need You, 973-420-2981
West Milford Ani­mal Shelter, 973-728-2859
Friends of the Clifton Ani­mal Shelter, 973-470-5936
Passaic Ani­mal Shelter, 973-365-5669
Paterson Ani­mal Control, 973-881-3640
Pet Adoption League, 973-584-0095
Ramapo-Bergen Ani­mal Refuge, 973-337-5180
Save The Ani­mals Rescue Team, 973-785-1245, 973-797-8861
Tri-Boro Ani­mal Welfare, 973-838-7140, 973-831-5555
Wayne Twp. Ani­mal Shelter, 973-694-0767
Bloomingdale Ani­mal Shelter, 973-838-2220, 973-838-8959
Here Kitty Kitty, 862-668-4454
Paws for Love (dogs only), dogmom4us@yahoo.com
Second Chance Pet Adoption League, 973-208-1054
Friends of Homeless Ani­mals, 973-778-4001, 973-620-0284, 973-427-3390
All Humane Ani­mal Rescue, 973-616-8569

Salem County

Ani­mal Care of South Jersey, 856-691-4333
Society to Protect Ani­mals, 856-299-1155
Salem County Humane Society, 856-299-2220
PetPALS of Southern New Jersey, 856-931-4399 (assists ill or needy individuals ONLY)

Somerset County

A Lifeline for Ani­mals, 908-507-3900
North Branch KARE, 908-534-6386
Open Your Heart, 908-874-8815
A New Leash on Life, 732-424-2006
Ani­mal Alliance of Belle Mead, 609-818-1952
Companion Ani­mal Placement, 908-658-3786, 908-218-1939
Franklin Twp. Ani­mal Shelter, 732-873-2500 x:255
Homeless Ani­mal Lifeline, 732-804-7637
Montgomery Twp. Ani­mal Shelter, 908-359-4308
NJ Save A Pet Rescue, 908-397-1211
People for Unwanted Feline Friends, 908-234-1273
Rawhide Rescue, 908-561-8056
Second Chance for Ani­mals, 732-748-7232
Somerset Regional Ani­mal Shelter, 908-725-0308
Small Dog Rescue, 908-904-9154
St. Hubert's Ani­mal Welfare Cente, 908-526-3330
Summit Ani­mal Rescue Association, 908-464-1203
Whiskers & Wags 4 Adoption, 908-822-9662
Cat Adoption & Pet Information Center, 908-526-5045 or 908-393-2007 (adoption only)

Suss­ex County

Abandoned Pets, 973-948-3696
Bark, 973-768-5404
Byram Ani­mal Shelter, 973-347-0279
Sparta Twp. Ani­mal Shelter, 973-579-7744
Vernon Ani­mal Shelter, 973-764-7751
BARKS, 973-300-3185
Hopatcong Ani­mal Haven, 201-398-1305
Jefferson Township Pound, 973-663-3241
Niki’s Feline Rescue, nikigrab@yahoo.com
Father John's Ani­mal House, 973-300-5909
Wantage Pound, 973-875-9390
Hopatcong Pound, 973-770-1200
Randolph Pound, 973-989-7090
Triboro Ani­mal Welfare, 973-831-5555
Vernon Ani­mal Welfare League, 973-765-7631
Room for One More, 973-729-5225
Eleventh Hour Rescue, 973-769-5648, 973-664-0865
Operation Sanctuary, info@operationsanctuary.org

Union County

Ani­mal Alliance Welfare League, 973-574-3981
Elizabeth Shelter, 908-820-4242
Noah’s Arknoahsani­mals@comcast.net
Union Ani­mal Shelter, 908-810-1663
Whiskers & Wags 4 Adoption, 908-822-9662
Lifeline Ani­mal Rescue, 908-507-3900
Best Friend Ani­mal Adoption, 908-486-0230
People for Ani­mals, 973-282-0890
Plainfield Area Humane Society, 908-754-0300
Wag n' Bark, 973-822-2647
Summit Ani­mal Rescue Association, 908-464-1203
Cause 4 Paws, 908-232-4153
Pawsabilities, pawsabilities@hotmail.com
Friends of Linden Ani­mal Shelter, 732-388-6300

Warren County

DASH, 908-832-5381
Washington Borough Dog Pound, 908-689-6657
Pet Adoption League, 973-584-0095
Warren Hills Ani­mal Society, 908-689-4425
Operation Sanctuary, info@operationsanctuary.org
Feline Urban Rescue & Rehab, 908-835-9551, 908-689-4434
Communities Altering The Strays (CATS), 908-453-0082
Common Sense for Ani­mals, 908-859-3060


Animal Protection League of New Jersey